Acquiring and building Nordic software companies

Nordtech is a home for great product companies. We offer entrepreneurs a fair, smooth exit opportunity, while preserving the company’s product, team, and culture by encouraging their operational independence.

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Our philosophy

Great products with happy customers are at the core of everything we do. We believe this is best achieved through talented management, happy employees, and a strong company culture. Our background as software entrepreneurs and investors has taught us the importance of active and supportive ownership. This view combined with independent management teams, we believe creates the foundation upon which to build great software companies.


Our businesses

Nordisk e-Handel
Nordisk E-handel

Flexible e-commerce

Why sell to us?



  • Full or partial exit
  • 1-2 month process
  • Pragmatic due diligence
  • Acquire to hold
  • Preserving team and culture

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Private Equity

  • Full or partial exit
  • 3-6 month process
  • Onerous due diligence
  • Acquire with exit horizon
  • Aiming to change culture

Venture Capital

  • High valuation
  • 3-6 month process
  • Onerous due diligence
  • No cash to founders
  • Shares risk being worth nothing

We buy businesses with:

Strong product offering

Software with happy B2B customers


Sustainable over time

Recurring revenue

Mainly subscription revenue that reoccurs annually

Market potential

Addressable market enabling growth

Good team

Talented people with a positive attitude

Ethical outlook

Clear compass without grey zones

The businesses we buy typically look like this:


Growing and profitable

You have successfully managed to grow your business with both profitability and happy customers and employees. The business generates somewhere between 15-100 MSEK in revenue and you are contemplating what the next step should be: letting somebody else take over the business – or embarking on the next journey together.


Owned by founder(s)

You have been part of the journey from the start and have seen the business develop from an idea to an established organization delivering critical customer services to businesses in the Nordics. Potentially, there are different views among owners on the optimal way forward: untie capital for other dreams and goals, operate the business with minimum investments, or launch the next big strategic initiative.


Product potential

You have significant expertise in your specific field and have managed to develop a strong and appreciated product over time. But at the same time feel that there are many potential additional customers that would truly appreciate and see business benefits from what you offer.

Our process - valuation within 48 hours

We start with...

Introduction and Offer

An introductory meeting where we get to know the business, if the interest is mutual Nordtech submit an offer within 48 hours

... and then…

Due diligence

Pragmatic process for 3-4 weeks together with the entrepreneur(s) and management team

...and finally

Signing and closing

Deal where the entrepreneur(s) receive a cash payment and either continue the journey together with Nordtech or leaves the business


Establishing business relationships, building teams, and making things happen are some of my most important strengths. They have benefited me greatly over the 10 years I’ve spent working with private investments in software businesses and an additional 10 years serving as an advisor during M&A transactions. I believe that I have a strong ability to determine what separates a good business from a bad one. Apart from one exception, I’ve managed to avoid or work my way through bad investments so far in my career. It is my core belief that investments become a lot easier if you acquire businesses with positive cashflow and stable customer relationships.

Based on my 15 years of experience from running and scaling B2B software businesses, I have a strong perception of what is required, and what works, to build and scale international businesses with recurring revenue. I am somewhat obsessed with the business model that SaaS entails, as well as passionate about supporting other businesses to improve in their segment. A common denominator for the businesses I’ve previously worked with is that they have been mature in their respective segments, and therefore required new ways of thinking to continue to grow without external capital. This has taught me to successfully balance building long-term value with immediate cashflow improvements.

Send us a lead?

Do you know someone or know about a business we should get in contact with? We offer a finders fee for new leads that result in a deal.